5 Factors You Should Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painter

Painting is one of the most vital investments you can make on your property. A commercial paint job demands perfection. The type of coat you apply may influence the uptake of your rentals, especially in today’s competitive real estate market. You need to find a trustworthy paint contractor who can deliver quality services.

The commercial painter must have a distinctive set of skills necessary to handle your project. To ensure you are working with a professional painting company, here are five key factors you should consider.

1. Quality

Most experts agree that a good paint job lasts between eight and 10 years. The commercial painter you choose should have up-to-date technology for even coating of your walls. Inquire about the types of paints they prefer to use. Some paint products are harmful to the environment and may cause health complications to your future tenants.

Discuss the various paint options available for your property. Avoid penny-pinching commercial painters as they are more likely to cut corners and use cheap paints that are substandard. Before signing the agreement, make sure the methods and paints meet your quality standards.

2. Experience

The commercial paint contractors should have the required skill set to complete the job. Most reputable companies have a diverse portfolio of properties they have worked on, and they can easily prove their expertise. Do not be afraid to request them to show you some of the previous projects they have worked on. This way, you are able to judge their skill level.

The painters should be detail-oriented, focusing on producing exemplary finishes. Look for a company with over four years of commercial painting experience. It may reduce the chances of them making amateurish mistakes.

3. Certifications

You would want to know more about the paint contractors you are working with. See if the contractor has credentials issued by the local government. A permit validates them as an established painting company, and they have the necessary expertise to handle your commercial paint job.

The commercial painting contractors should have an insurance cover for their employees. The workman’s compensation policy protects you if an accident occurs while the painters are on duty at your site. Accreditation by official business groups such as Better Business Bureau may suggest a mark of quality craftsmanship.

4. Contract

Your budget is the bottom line. Regardless of your preference, you need to find commercial painters that can work with your budget and within the proposed time frame. You should ask the potential candidates to provide an itemized list of expenses. Compare the items and find the one that naturally fits your budget and requirements. Ask about their warranty policy, and under what circumstances it can be redeemed. Ensure that the company meets all your expectations before signing on that dotted line.

5. Reputation

Most trustworthy commercial painting service providers have a proven track record. Do enough research on the chosen contractors. Go through their online gallery and inspect their past works. Find commercial spaces they have worked on that reflect your own. It may help paint a clearer picture of what to expect. You can get valuable insight from your local paint store or professional painters within the area.

In Conclusion

Take time to find the right commercial painters for your project. The effort and time you invest in it will be worth it at the end. Blue Coyote Painting would be a great place to start for Tucson residents.