5 Tips For Selecting the Right Roof Coating Contractor

The paint and coating industry has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. By 2022, the global market value is expected to hit $209.4 billion. Advances in technology enhance protective coating applications, increasing the durability of the surfaces and products.

Roofs tend to bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath during extreme weather conditions. Without appropriate coatings, your roof will start deteriorating faster than expected. A fresh coat of paint on your roofing system can extend its life and improve its energy efficiency.

However, finding the right roof coating service for your project is not as easy as it seems. To help you through the process, here are five tips for choosing the best roof coating contractor.

1. Ask About Licensing

The roof coating company you choose should have a valid and active contractor’s license. This licensure acts as proof that the paint contractor has the requisite skills and expertise to repair, patch, and coat your roof. You should write down the license number and check with the state regulatory office whether there are any complaints against the contractor.

2. Check For Insurance

Roof coating contractors need to have an active insurance cover for them to operate. A general liability policy cover is essential to protect you against any accidental damage to your property. A contractor’s bonding is necessary to cover against companies that abandon their projects midway or offer sub-standard roof coating services. An active insurance cover may help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses for technicians or painters that may sustain injuries on the job.

3. Research Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer care services are essential to the success of any business. One way to assess their level of service is to ask for references. A reputable roof coating contractor will not have any issue in providing references to past clients. The past customers can speak of their experiences with the company as well as their quality of service. You may also find online reviews of how the roof coating contractor operates before, during, and after the project.

4. Focus On Competitive Pricing

While pricing should not be the principal factor to consider, it may profoundly affect your budget estimates. You need to find a roof coating contractor that can work within your budget. Get multiple quotes from different companies and compare their pricing. However, as you compare the various price estimates, remember to factor in the contractor’s experience, quality, and track record before settling on one.

5. Insist On a Written Contract

While working with a Tucson roof coating contractor, it is essential to have a signed agreement before the project begins. A written contract establishes the scope of the work, budget estimates, and the time required to complete coating your roof. It may also outline the terms for service warranty and guarantees. The contractor should uphold the manufacturer’s warranty as well as stand by their level of service.

Roof coatings are an excellent way to extend the life of your roof without having to replace it. The efficiency of the new protective coat may depend on the roof coating contractor that you choose to complete the project. The tips above will help you find the right partner for the job.