5 Ways Hiring an Exterior Paint Contractor Increases Your Home’s Value

Before you follow the steps to choosing the right exterior paint contractor, you might want to know how beneficial a new coat of paint can be.

A 2019 a HomeLight study found that an exterior paint job can give a 51% return on investment. Yeah, you read that right. Experts who were part of the study also recommended applying stucco paint every half-decade. The fact is a home makeover is not only appealing but a significant boost to your residential property’s value.

The five ways listed below can help shed more light and inspire you to take the next step.

1. Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t like looking at and living in a beautiful home both inside and outside? By hiring the right exterior paint contractor for the job, you’re bound to love the final result.

Besides, you’ll get a kick out of people who come by and compliment you on the beautiful property. Also, coming back to a beautiful looking home can be a great stress reliever. With that in mind, it might be time to pick a color that speaks to you and choose a reputable exterior paint contractor that can do the job perfectly.

2. Increases Property Value

Look, you might not be planning to move homes right now, but it never hurts to increase its current value. With that in mind, you can make your home beautiful by getting a contractor to paint the interior and exterior. Doing so can increase its value by up to 5%, which is in no way a small amount considering your buying price.

Fast forward to when you’re ready to change addresses. You’ll be glad you chose to keep improving the look of your home. This is what makes hiring the right exterior paint contractor a gift that keeps giving for any homeowner.

3. It Protects Your Property

Have you ever wondered how maintaining a good paint job benefits the quality of your home? Talk with your exterior painter, and you’re in for an eye-opening experience. Most will note that while the paint is suitable for exterior aesthetics, it also offers excellent protection to your property.

Paint can keep your siding from degrading, especially if you use waterproof paint. Not only does that prevent your home from falling apart, but it ensures its value remains intact.

4. Detecting Problem Areas

It can be challenging trying to identify all the issues that need fixing around your residential property. This is why hiring an exterior paint contractor can be beneficial, especially if you have a big home.

When you have professional paint contractors on sight covering every inch of the home, they can easily spot issues such as damaged or rotting siding and alert you. You can then have it fixed and prevent further damage.

But wait, there’s more! They can even spot problems that are unrelated to the paint job and save you from nasty surprises.

5. Style Update

Want to know a secret? Keeping up with the latest styles does wonders for your property’s value, and this includes painting. Every year there are new painting techniques that can benefit your home immensely. While it’s not logical to perform all of them, there are those you can look into and hire a paint contractor to carry out.

Are you ready to raise the bar and increase the value of your home through exterior painting? If so, get in touch with our painting team from Blue Coyote Painting and get to experience professionalism at its best.