6 Steps to Hiring Residential Exterior Painters

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your property. If you want to give your home an upgrade, but don’t want to spend a ton on costs, then newly-painted walls will improve the ambiance and energy in your home. To start off, you’ll need to hire a crew. Here’s what you need to look for when you choose a firm for exterior residential painting in Tucson, AZ.

Ask About Insurance

Accidents happen so you’ll want to cover your bases. You don’t want to end up liable for medical bills in case contractors get into an accident while they work at your home. Hiring contractors without a license leaves you liable for those expenses. If you don’t want your savings wiped out by large medical or treatment costs, confirm if they have a license first.

Learn More About the Crew

Find out who’s going to do the work in your home. Are they trustworthy? How does the firm hire its contractors? Do they do background checks? Can you meet the crew in advance? What kind of interview process do they have? All these go a long way to ensure that you are welcoming trustworthy people into your property.

Determine Their Qualifications

Are the contractors qualified? Do they have the credentials, knowledge, and skill to get the job done? How much experience do they have? Is that experience in residential paint jobs or commercial paint projects? Ask these questions to get a better idea of the crew that’s going to handle the work in your home.

Determine the Materials

The quality of the materials that will be used for the project will affect how long the paint will last. Substandard paint and materials won’t stay up long on your walls. You’ll be dealing with peeling paint in no time. That’s why if the contractor suggests using cheap materials, you’re better off checking out other exterior painting companies in Tucson, AZ.

Know Who’s Going to Manage the Project

The firm should assign a person to manage your project. That way, if you have any concerns or issues, you can discuss them with the point person.

Go over the contract

Before you hire a firm, make sure you read the contract. Don’t sign the document unless you agree with all the terms and conditions. Do you have any issues or questions? This is the best time to ask.

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