Exterior Painting: Tips from The Experts

Painting the exterior of your home can give your house a whole new look. Renovators especially love to revive historic homes with historically authentic color schemes. Exterior paint in Phoenix needs to withstand our blistering summertime heat so use these following tips for a terrific looking paint job.

  1. Know which paint is best for your home surface. Investigate whether latex or alkyd paint is best depending on whether your surface is would, stucco, brick, or vinyl or aluminum siding.
  2. Never use an interior paint on the exterior of your home. Exterior paint is made to withstand weather conditions, mildew, and keep that color going for years.
  3. Use an online visualizer. Major paint companies have an online visualization tool that allows you to upload a photo of your home and try out different paints and color schemes.
  4. Flat paint can be a striking effect and hides surface imperfections, but it is difficult to clean. Satin has a slight gloss that makes it easier to clean and stands out brightly. It’s also good for trim and surfaces that need to be frequently cleaned.
  5. Gloss and high-gloss paints are typically used for accents, decorative elements, and trim and are very easy to clean. Typical places to use these are on exterior doors, garage doors, and decorative or functional metal.
  6. Get the right tools and materials for the job. You will need not only tools to do the painting, but also to prepare your exterior surfaces so that the paint will hold and look good. You will need to use high-performance wood filler if any of your exterior wood siding has been damaged.
  7. Getting ready to do exterior paint is also a great opportunity to check the condition of your siding and make sure that none of it needs to be replaced or extensively repaired.
  8. A power wash helps to deep clean the surface of the home and can help paint and primer to adhere better to the surface of the siding.

Go Pro!

If all these tips seem to be a little much, get in touch with exterior painters who know and understand the climate of Phoenix, and how to make your paint look great. Blue coyote painting is a long-time Phoenix area company with great attention to detail, and some of the best interior and exterior painters around. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!