Hiring a Painting Contractor? 6 Things to Look for

Newly-painted walls transform your space. Whether it’s your office or home, the right mix of colors brings your rooms to life. But the task involves more than splashing paint on your walls. It’s not a job for amateurs. Hire pros to save you loads of money and time. Consider the following before you book one.

Look for Insurance

When you hire a residential house painting service, ask if they’re insured. You want to have insurance cover any accidents that happen on the property, so ask the contractor if s/he has a comprehensive business liability insurance. Also, does the contractor carry workmen’s compensation? That will protect you from having any liability when accidents happen on the job.

Ask about their License

It may seem strange to ask, but rest assured that reputable interior painters don’t have a problem providing you with their credentials, including their license. The license often means the crew is licensed to perform residential or commercial paint jobs.

Request for References

You can ask the painting company for references. If the company doesn’t want to provide you with one, that’s a red flag. A company that’s proud of its work history and track record won’t have any problems handing you that list. Look elsewhere. Also, once you get that list, don’t chuck it into the drawer. Follow up and call those numbers. Conversations with past clients will help you decide if you’ve found the right firm or not. If the company’s painting techniques don’t hold up from any of their recent paint jobs, then move on to the next option on your list.

Look for the BBB Seal

Is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau? That’s tells you the company is stable and consistent in delivering the best quality possible.

Talk about the Materials

Before you hire a crew, talk to the firm about the materials and techniques they’ll use for the project. Get the contractor to provide the details in your contract. If you think they’re using sub-par materials, that will compromise the results. If you don’t want to deal with another paint job too soon, get a contractor that understands the importance of using quality materials.

Determine their Expertise

Hire a firm that employs trained and seasoned contractors. Does the company run background checks? Who runs those checks? To find trusted residential house painting contractors that deliver a lasting paint job, contact Blue Coyote Painting.