How to Protect Your Roof with the Right Coating

Your roof needs all the help it can get. No matter how sturdy it is, constant exposure to the outside elements—heat, rain, wind—will take a toll on the material. Given how expensive a new roofing system can be, finding better ways to maintain your existing roof should be high on your priority list. One thing you can do is resort to roof coatings for better roof protection. Here’s how.

Sealants and Roofs

Applying sealants onto your roof can save you from money spent on repairs down the road. This is especially true if you have a flat roof since water washes off the entire surface of these types of roofing systems. The tiniest crack can allow water to get into your underlayment, which can lead to leaks, water damage, and a slew of other problems.

Sealant Selection

Choosing the right sealant will depend a lot on the material of your roof. If it is made out of concrete, then stay away from metal roofing coatings. If you have a pitched roof, adding a sealant can still improve your roof’s performance and durability. Research what types of sealants work for your roof to get it right.

Factors to Consider

When you look for a sealant, you will need to factor in UV and weather resistance. It is important that you get both right. Bad choices could lead to grave consequences. If your sealant doesn’t have enough flexibility to make room for structural movement and thermal shock or if it has poor waterproofing properties, then that could lead to a lot of roofing issues. You can easily avoid these when you pick the right sealant from the get-go.

Hiring Pros

Hiring a team of exterior painters may be your best bet. Pros have the technical expertise, tools, and gear to get the job done. Also, they know and follow safety rules and guidelines, preventing accidents on your property.


Look for companies that offer roof coating services in Tucson, AZ. They can provide you with the sealant and coating options you need. That is a much more convenient way of ensuring protection for your roof.

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