How Weather Influences Exterior Paints

If you’ve invested time and money in a professional painting job, you may be wondering: how does weather affect paint? Here are answers to your questions.

Can the Work Continue?

Yes, you can still paint your exterior walls even when it rains. However, you may need to work with a few limitations and restrictions. When you hire professional exterior painters in Phoenix, you can count on them to know how to paint even when rain clouds appear on the horizon.

Is the Surface Wet?

Paint dries best on a sunny day. If it’s raining too hard or it’s extremely humid, then the paint will take longer to dry. That also means it may deteriorate that much sooner, which is the last thing you want to happen. However, one rule that must be followed is never to paint a surface that’s damp or wet. When you hire professional house painters, they’re going to abide by this rule. If the surface is wet, then the crew will most likely wait for a day when it dries up completely before they proceed with the work.

What’s the Temperature?

Temperature fluctuations cause changes in your paint. Paint expands when temperatures are hot but then it contracts when conditions turn cold. That could mean problems for your crew. If there are frequent temperature changes, then that could lead to cracks in the paint. If the material underneath the paint is wood, then the material is going to expand and contract as well. The result? You’ll end up with peeling paint. If your crew is going to deal with this problem, then they may pick a day wherein the weather is moderately cool before they get to work. By hiring pros, you know you’re getting experts who will factor these temperature changes into their timelines.

Is There Too Much Wind?

Wind can lead your paint to dry quicker. That sounds great, but if there’s excessive wind, that could lead the paint to dry much too quickly, which could compromise the integrity of the paint. That’s because paint creates a film when it dries. If it dries too quickly, though, then no film is formed. This may mean that the paint job will be much easier to peel and wear.

Have other considerations and worries? Ask pros for advice. Contact Blue Coyote Painting for exterior painters in Phoenix.