Interior Painting Ideas for Nurseries

Putting up designs on your nursery walls is fun. Here are a few painting ideas you’ll want to explore if you can’t quite decide what style to go for.

Create a Calming Ambiance

Color psychologists believe in the power of color to influence your mood. If you want your baby to enjoy the benefits of many days and nights of restful sleep, then transform the nursery into the perfect place for sleep. Hire pros for residential painting in Phoenix AZ to paint over your walls.

Go for Subdued Colors

Bright colors are much more active. If you want your baby to spend a lot of time resting in the nursery, then take out the yellows and the reds or oranges. Put in soft or subdued shades of blue. That’s going to promote relaxation, which can work not just on your baby but on you as well. This is also a good choice for babies who are prone to tantrums.

Try Out Pale Shades

Pale shades of purple or green, for instance, can create soothing properties. Whether you want something tranquil and feminine or soft and serene, these solid colors may work best for the space.

Play with Pastels

Pastel blues and pinks can also make for a fine choice for your baby’s room. You can also try other variations like a pale peach shade or a dusty pastel to bring the walls in your nursery to life.

Apply Earthy Browns

Again, go for muted shades. Tan can have a grounding and even warm effect. This can also give your baby’s eyes rest from too many bright colors around the room. If you want your little princess or prince to relax and sleep, think about putting up earthy browns instead of intense, vibrant colors that may keep your child awake.

Get Soft Whites

White nurseries are often associated with sweetness and innocence. If that is exactly the look you are going for, then you’re going in the right direction. However, make sure you stay away from harsh, blue whites. Use colorful accents of the same shades to add a bit of pop to the walls.

Getting Painting Help

Learn more tips and techniques when you hire pros. For residential painting in Tucson AZ, contact Blue Coyote Painting. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you work out the best options that should go on your wee one’s nursery walls.