Is It Time to Repaint My Home's Interior?

Many a time, homeowners look at their interior wall paint and wonder if it's time for a new coat. On average, a good paint job will last you eight to ten years. Before hiring professional paint contractors, you ought to be sure that it is the right time to repaint. Furthermore, you should consider the current condition of your interior paint and if you are ready to change the color.

After spending hours taking care of your garden, patio, and lawn, you should think about your home's interior and if it is up to date. Unlike most contractor projects like exterior painting, interior repainting is affordable and can easily transform your room's appearance.

But before hiring interior painter services, how can you tell it is about time you changed that old coat? Here are signs that will make decision-making straightforward.

1. Peeling and Flaking

Expert painters use good quality paint that does not ruin easily. So, if you notice flaking after some time, it could be because of several factors. First, maybe the paint is peeling in a room with high humidity, like the bathroom. Also, the paint flakes if the wall was not well-prepared before the previous interior painting project. If you notice your paint peeling, then it is time to look for local interior painters.

2. Fading Color

A faded wall is a clear indication you need interior painting services STAT! This is common in rooms that are more exposed to sunlight. High-quality paint takes time to fade off, and when it does, you will need a new coat soon. When your walls are not as vibrant as they were a few years ago, contact your trusted paint contractor.

3. Scuffs and Blemishes

Scuffing and staining are always present in high-traffic areas and rooms with kids. If you notice your walls covered in scuffs, blemishes, and scratches that you can't wash off, consider hiring interior painting services. Scuffs and dents are normally found in the living room and the hallway, and the best answer is a complete wall makeover.

4. Blisters

Sadly, your last painter may have rushed their job, or maybe your room is very humid. These two conditions cause the formation of bubbles (blisters) on the coat. Wear and tear in your interior painting can also be characterized by cracking. Never ignore these signs as they could indicate rot, mold, or dampness.

5. You Plan to Move

Sometimes, you change your paint because you don't like the color and others because of the reasons mentioned above. If you want to sell your house, you must hire a painting contractor. It is easier to sell a home if it has neutral colors and a fresh coat. If you want to attract homebuyers, take advantage of painting services in Tucson.

Blue Coyote Painting Wants to Transform Your Home

If you’ve noticed that the paint is chipping, or if it has been a long time since you’ve had your walls painted, it may be worth considering painting. It doesn't matter whether you live in an old home with wood siding and peeling paint or new construction with white brick every home deserves a new coat of paint every once in a while.

Are you looking for experts who can revolutionize your home's interior, exterior, and roofing? Blue Coyote Painting LLC. wants to offer you its services in interior painting, exterior painting, and roof coating at competitive rates. Get in touch today and get a free estimate.