Refresh Your Property with Tucson House Painting

Is your home’s exterior looking drab, dull and boring? Has the original teal you painted it years ago faded to a sad light blue? Do you have paint chips littering the area around your foundation? It happens. Time and weather can be pretty harsh on exteriors, doing a number on your home’s curb appeal, not to mention its overall health. A paint job may be just what you need. In fact, no other home improvement project revives, beautifies and protects a house as quickly, effectively or affordably as exterior painting. It’s a quick way to improve curb appeal and protect your home from the elements. You won’t believe what a new coat of paint will do for your home!

Southern Arizona temperatures can be brutal on house paint. Because your home is subjected to high levels of UV rays from the sun, coupled with baked-in temperatures that could fry an egg on your sidewalk, it can fade much more quickly than a home in cooler climates. Ideal temperatures for painting are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, says US News and World Report. That’s because hot weather and direct sun can cause the paint to dry too quickly, leading to unsightly speckling and an uneven finish. Here in Arizona, high temps are par for the course. Our professionals know a thing or two about painting in three-digit temperatures and have the years of experience and tools to ensure a perfect job despite what Mother Nature throws at us.

Most experts recommend homeowners paint their exteriors every four to six years, sometimes longer depending on the condition of the house and climate. However, in hot locales like Southern Arizona, you should move up that timeline to about every three years due to the extreme heat’s effect on your exterior.

Why You Need a Pro

From higher quality to time savings, the list goes on and on when it comes to the benefits of hiring a professional painter for the outside of your home. For one thing, you get access to all the best brands and highest quality paints. The types of binders and the pigments found in paint can affect how slowly or quickly a paint fades, points out InPaint magazine. A 100%-acrylic paint will help resist color fade better than others, whereas lower-end acrylics will fail sooner, beginning to chalk up in just a couple of years. Even among the best brands on the market, there are some lower-end varieties. A professional painter can let you in on the best brands to use that will last longer in Southern Arizona heat.

Second, painting professionals can give you input on color selection and the best methods of application. While paint for the interior of your home is more about personal color tastes, the exterior is more about durability even more so than aesthetics. Choosing the right type and color of paint will ensure you can adequately protect the biggest investment you have.

Third, a professional can bring focused attention to detail and experience to your painting project. Not only do they have the experience to get the project done on time and on budget, they come equipped with the tools that produce the best results. Let’s compare that with the decision to paint your own house. First of all, the length of time to complete such a job would probably drag the project on for many weeks and months, especially if you’re a weekend warrior who only has time for home improvement projects when the workweek is over. Your time is valuable! Why spend it outside in the sun, risking life and limb on a ladder? Let a professional do it in a fraction of the time and save yourself some stress.

On the same note of professionalism, sometimes it’s not strictly about maintaining curb appeal. Perhaps you live in a community that is overseen by a homeowners’ association. Such groups have strict rules about the appearance of the homes in the community. You may have received a letter or a visit from a representative letting you know you have to re-paint your home or touch up flashing in order to comply with local regulations. In this case, you can’t leave it up to a DIY project to meet those high standards. A professional will get it done quickly and expertly, in compliance with the timeline and parameters specified.

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Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance and it’s been a few years since you last painted, or you need to comply with HOA rules, an exterior paint job for your home may be in order. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. We are Blue Coyote Painting and we rescue Tucson homes desperately in need of makeovers. Call us today for a free painting estimate and to learn more about our superior services and attention to detail.