Why You Should Get The Exterior Of Your House Painted

One of the many wonderful aspects of owning property is the ability to do exactly what you want with it. From being able to choose what type of shingles are on your roof to how the garage is configured, there is almost nothing that is outside your control when you're a homeowner. This includes such common things as interior painting and decoration, which is reportedly many people's favorite part about having their own space. In fact, finding quality paint contractors is often one of the first things people inquire about when they have their own space.

It looks like this trend isn't slowing down anytime soon, either. In fact, by 2022 the global paint and coatings industry is expected to be valued at some 209.4 billion dollars globally. That's a whole bunch of paint cans being lined up to use, mixed, and spread all over people's property for a brighter tomorrow. With so much research being done on how the color of your home, inside and out, can impact how you feel about living there, it's become more important than ever to get it right.

In this article, we'll give you a host of great reasons to focus on exterior painting as a main project for your household. It's not only a smart and practical thing to do but can have a whole bunch of extra benefits as well. It may actually be that the hardest part of the entire process is picking a color that suits you best!

Pretty Homes Keep Their Value

We hope this doesn't need to be said, but perhaps it does: ugly homes don't keep their market value relative to "pretty homes." Your home's color is only one component of its attractiveness, but there are some universal colors (fluorescent pink, neon green, and bright orange) that will put your home down the path of never selling and are best avoided. It is therefore prudent and completely practical to think carefully about your painting contractors and what they suggest for colors. Don't be strong-armed into a weird color just because there's a discount!

It Can Affect Your Mood and Gives a First Impression to Visitors

When thinking about the exterior painting of your home, you'll want to think carefully about what type of color your choose and how it affects a first impression. Just like how certain gas stations are bright red or a fast-food chain is bright yellow, colors convey certain psychological states and can either excite, stress, or depress people. You don't want to arrive home every day from work only to find that you just have a downer of a home! Calming colors include light blue, cream, and light brown. Start researching the color wheel and find out which ones suit your mood best.

Getting Professionals to Do the Job Will Save You Time and Money

You may have painted a couple of rooms in your house before and think you can get the exterior of your house done. While this may be true in theory, do you actually want to go through with it? Not only is painting the outside of a home incredibly labor-intensive but depending on the shape your home is in it may need some cleaning and priming as well. Instead of going through all of the hassle and energetic frenzy of trying to be the ultimate DIYer, you should enlist the services of an experienced, licensed, and insured exterior painting company. They will be the ones to get the job done well and have your house looking amazing.

You'll Support Your Local Economy By Hiring an Exterior Painting Company

No matter whether you choose a franchise, independent business, or the local college kids to perform the exterior painting on your home, you'll be supporting your local economy. Chances are that whoever you hire will be located only a short distance away from you and live in a similar area. When you hire these people and reward them for a job well done, you'll be keeping dollars in your local economy and helping those who live around you to ply their trade and exchange their skills for value. What could be better than a wonderfully free can of house paint?